The message of suffering from ulcerative colitis

(ulcerative colitis)

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The message of suffering from ulcerative colitis

Послание болеющим няком (неспецифический язвенный колит)

For several years, I advise people (and their families) with disease – ulcerative colitis, then just ulcerative colitis. Most people think that they are due to ulcerative colitis are unique – the owners of the sores, which can not cure, doctors... In fact, all your letters the same, and sometimes I answer you, as it is not sad to admit it, template.

I appreciate your time, and have decided it is very much common elements to formalize in this message. So, if you get sick with ulcerative colitis is a message for you.

Many of the writers asked me to talk about herbs, and I ask with such wording, as if the grass there is a cure for ulcerative colitis. In some sense it is there, but see for yourself – you lived a certain way, and this lifestyle has led you to the state of the disease that now bears the word colitis. You lived and continue to live the same way eat the same food, and react to life the same way... As herbs will help you?

Yes, with the help of herbs, you can remove toxicity, to help the liver to recover and to purify the blood, help the kidneys to cleanse the body, help the intestines to recover very quickly (there were occasions when my recommendations blood from the feces was gone for 3 days), to help the body get rid of viruses (Epstein Bar, thrush, papilloma, cytomegalovirus, etc.) putrefactive bacteria and harmful fungi.

Let's see, when we refuse the dogma and the official medical view of the disease ulcerative colitis, at once there are so many options of bringing itself into order!

It seems a small thing, but believe me when I'm sick, and inside there was slim hope for recovery – I was snatched from the rest because it conventional medicine could promise an operation, and very powerful immunosuppressants and hormonal therapy at that time I had already passed.

To help you abandon, as we think, the only correct medical dogma, read this article. There is a brief, but in the case, and that happened a lot – cannot be reduced because for every 1-2 paragraph of my text disappears 1-2 life extraordinary doctors and professors, and even more saved them the lives of their patients. However, their contribution is very small and is hidden from the view of an ordinary citizen.

When you allow yourself to admit in his head that doctors can be wrong, and to not heal it and so then your brain will find new ways. That's when your mind will be opened to perception new. That's when it's time!

Now a little about the depression that is accompanied by ulcerative colitis. Sent to read article, and very thoroughly! You have to understand that in colitis our pancreas is already not really working well. It is necessary to understand! And if it doesn't work, then all that is below is not in a digestible state, and the authorities below while moving in the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract), and the food itself is not in the condition to benefit your appearance in the us.

Therefore, depression is a normal phenomenon, independent from you. Just the body will give out depression out of your desire. Ignorance of this pumps negative to the disease, and that knowledge allows you to not pay attention to depression and to engage in those things that really will benefit.

Now about herbs. At this link (see silver information) there is a description and herbs, and food, what herbs to replace what pills and what to do in certain situations in great detail. The only thing is the description in Russian. With the complexities of translation and for support write to

Who do not like this approach (because of the appointment you pay and it does not seem wrong to you free of charge) are invited to this collection of herbs, where you can according to their symptoms to pick up medicinal herbs for treatment. Look at the symptoms and if one grass covers 3-4-5 symptom is what you need! It's a bit complicated and this approach carries a certain responsibility for your life, why did I propose to use a paid service.

Another point that you need to do is:

- charging in the morning filled with energy and stretching;

- charge/discharge in the evening exit is only accumulated;

- massage of the abdomen, called visceral massage of internal organs of the abdomen or curtains.

Systemic treatment program presented in the video:

Here is a small video from Arina Nikitina. To spare the rectum is not necessary – it is necessary to remove stomach cramps and to ensure normal blood flow in the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract), because only then the body will have the opportunity to restore itself!

also, you can search ladko of the abdomen with a rolling pin, banks, chiropractor at Ogulov, etc. it is Important to push all of the stomach and diagram is up to you.

the final point you need to unload the body from stress, a moment, which gave rise to ulcerative colitis. It is a strong stress gives impetus to the development of the disease. Kind of a hopeless situation, traumatic events, etc., I was discharged from the body of this case in body-oriented therapy by Alexander Lowen. In my opinion, is the most effective and valid tool. Look in your city drug-free therapist and ask for at least one session of body-oriented psychotherapy. Next, my site is a collection of exercises for physical therapy Alexander Lowen download and exercise at home.

In principle, in this letter, I opened all the cards, but like anyone, everyone understands things differently, so once again I strongly recommend to pay attention to silver information (or buy a mini book at nonspecific ulcer colitis here). In the case of no change, I give you my guarantee. Write, we will understand together:

This purchase for me as the index of readiness to pay a person for the result and ask the result! That's when people really willing to work hard – with such people I write to, support, send, if you see that a person is inaccurate or not properly understood or done.

disease ulcerative colitis people have to reach a certain state. To complain, to suffer, to suffer, to cheer, to eat out the brains to all relatives and friends... Tell one moment from the rescuers drowned. When a person is drowning, it is not the rescuer swims, he waits (!) when a drowning man will calm down and quietly go to the bottom! It seems so cruel, but working with people with colitis (and remember myself), it's better to wait until people stopped waving its analyses and research, and ponder the question – where, how, why. That's when the lifeguard swims out, takes drowning and swam to shore. So I look forward to when people will calm down, and when it will be ready to work on yourself – this is the time!

If you incline to the doctors surgery and you are on the verge, then allowed to call me: 89028313373, otherwise, you can email me at

Relatives! Please give a link to this message ill instead of writing his name! Ill let him write! Enough to suffer with him. This is a simple vampirism! And the more you feed the patient, the longer the patient can carry this boredom! It turns out, the relatives themselves prolong tedious and depressive state of the patient, only at the expense of their vitality.

I understand that family ties, etc., however, once again think of it. Just give the link! For if the patient will tell you – it does not help – there is nothing you can do. Even if you can, every time there will be a mini sabotage, etc. take care of yourself!

And the last moment is the one that I want to convey to all people. The human body is universal, it self-restores, cleans, regenerates, etc. Then the question – why does the body hurt?

See, all that we have invented around us – engineering structures, institutions, universities and everything that was studied and taught, the space and the earnings of the bowels is all the result of the action of the gray matter of the brain, but rather a film on the brain with a thickness of 7 cells (2-3 mm)! This film and created the entire man-made world around us. But the other two pounds of the brain control our body. Only one body controls TWO kilograms of the same ganglion cells! Imagine the ratio. Now the questions:

- what a great doctor solved and found out nature has defense mechanisms of the body?

- what should happen with two kilograms of brains that they have forgotten how to restore the intestine?

I know one thing: as soon as the refuse of the dogmas of physicians, open to new knowledge, then this knowledge will come to you and show you new ways to health.

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